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Pre-fabricated wall panels

Pre-fabricated wall panels, our simple solution to a job site hurdle.   Why not build something horizontally instead of vertically?  Why not remove the risks of scaffold towers, boom lifts and the safety exposure of having crew members working off the side of a building?  Why be limited to only warm and sunny days for installing weather sensitive exterior finishes?

We fixed the problem. 

In our 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility we can take on any type of challenge.  Gypsum Systems Interiors specializes in the prefabrication of building components off site.   Entire exterior facades, hotels, strip plazas and retail shells can be made at our location in Farmington, NY, shipped to the job site and erected in days.  The end result effectively "closes in" the building exponentially faster than traditional framing methods.  Does your project require load-bearing construction, don't worry, we can do that too!

Our wall panels can accommodate just about any type of exterior finish you can think of, including:  EIFS, Thin-brick facades, fluid applied air/water barriers and more!

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