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Metal Roof Trusses

Light Gauge metal roof trusses were added to our repertoire in the late 1990's.   Like our pre-fabricated wall panels, our manufacturing floor also houses an 80 foot truss table.   Our trusses are built from G60 50ksi steel.

Bring your design to us, and we'll get to work putting the project through our highly specialized CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.  From there we can begin to tailor the design to incorporate hips, valleys, gable ends and step downs. 

We will partner with the Architect or Engineer to put the finishing touches and complete the project (and If you need an Architect or Engineer we can connect you with one!)

Before you know it, Gypsum Systems Interiors is showing up on your job site with our crane, our trailers full of trusses and our crews ready to get the job done!

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