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Innovation and Technology

"Innovate or die," is a long regarded creed in business that Gypsum Systems Interiors takes very seriously.  We started with a pick up truck and a hammer, installing drywall and nothing else.    From there we grew to install all the things listed HERE.  After we started doing pre-fabricated walls in the 80's, we added cold-formed metal truss assemblies.  

We didn't stop there.  We became the first drywall contractor in Western, NY to incorporate a GPS-based Total station work unit for deadly accurate job-site layout.   Our first project with the unit (a very high profile medical imaging facility) saw us input over 5,000 layout points without having to pull out a tape measure or reference a single control line.   This unit has sped up our layout time significantly, and has allowed us to interface with other trades via autoCAD for potential conflicts prior to anything being constructed.  

*We had a really nice article written about us and our Topcon PS-103 unit in Point of Beginning Online, you can view it

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