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Preconstruction Planning & Budgeting

When it comes to large or small commercial interior and exterior build-outs, or new ground up construction, Gypsum Systems Interiors offers, as a courtesy, pre-construction and budgeting help for old friends and new prospective clients alike.


"How much will it cost?"  "How do I make my dream a reality?"  "What product do you suggest?"  "What was the Architect thinking?!"  We hear it all the time.  let us help you navigate the pitfalls of commercial construction.  Drop us a line! 

Scope Of Work

What do we do at Gypsum Systems Interiors?  The short answer is:  Commercial Construction.  It is what we've done since the beginning (over 40 years ago), and it is what we know.  From small retail projects to multi-million dollar hospital expansions and everything in between (literally), we do it all.

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  • Load bearing wall construction

  • EIFS

  • Pre-fabricated exterior walls

  • Metal Truss design

  • Fluid applied barrier systems

  • Interior drywall and carpentry

  • Finish carpentry

  • Framing

  • Acoustical ceilings and more!  

Commitment To Safety

Safety is not just an "idea" or a word used casually at Gypsum Systems Interiors.  It is our culture.   Gypsum Systems Interiors is an industry leader in their approach to construction safety.   Gypsum Systems Interiors was one of the first specialty contractors to employ a full time safety director and administer to keep safety at the forefront of our daily objective list.   All of our employees, at a minimum, have their OSHA 10 hr certification, while many (and all of our foreman) have their 30 hr certification.   Along with our in-house safety department, we deploy a vigorous safety curriculum on every job.  Our safety committee meets weekly, where ideas and culture are shared.  Our job sites are inspected daily and we wouldn't have it any other way!



Gypsum Systems Interiors was established in 1975 by founder, Henry Finke.   Born out of necessity to service the vacant market in Western, NY, Gypsum Systems Interiors has grown to become the premier wall and ceiling contractor in the region.  In our opinion, a family owned and operated business would not be a success without a multi-generational presence.   

Since 1991, Ron and Gary Finke (Henry's sons), guided Gypsum Systems Interiors until Gary's passing in 2005.  Under their guidance, Gypsum Systems Interiors experienced immense growth and constructed many landmark buildings still highly visible in the Rochester skyline today. 

Today, the family business model and vision continues with Ron's two sons, Tim and Kevin Finke.  They now represent the third generation of ownership.  

Tim and Kevin believe in the two core "handshake" values that their grandfather founded the company on; honesty and integrity.  


"Lets go, you're burning daylight!" - Hank Finke



Year Established


Projects Completed
(and counting!)


Square feet of drywall installed
(and growing daily!)


Square feet of ceiling tile installed
(and growing daily!)


Odds are you've turned a door knob, flipped on a light switch, flushed a toilet or closed a door in one of our completed buildings.    Car dealers, hospitals, restaurants and schools have all relied on Gypsum Systems Interiors to make their "napkin sketch" dreams become realities.   Here are just a few of the brands and organizations we have worked with:

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In 2017, Gypsum Systems Interiors converted their entire facility lighting pacakge to an energy conservative LED set up.  All 42 of the "High Bay" 400W metal halite shop lights were converted to fully automated 190W LED units.    The 90 office lights were re-lamped and re-ballasted from T8 flourescent bults to LED units.  The 7 exterior 250W metal halite lights were converted to 75W LED units.   This change has reduced their energy consumption on lighting by 30%!

In addition to lighting, Gypsum Systems Interiors also owns and maintains an entire fleet of electric/rechargeable lifts and hybrid man lifts.  These are used whenever possible instead of combustion engine options to reduce their carbon footprint.

Gypsum Systems Interiors recycles steel scraps, metal cut-offs and any other construction metal byproduct they can.  These scraps are processed and re-used instead of filling up landfills.  Whenever possible, Gypsum Systems Interiors recycles gypsum/drywall scraps into designated dumpsters on jobsites as well.

Lastly, Gypsum Systems Interiors always responsibly recycles all of their old computer and E-waste. 



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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 585-924-9333 or fill out the following form

Corporate Headquarters

6055 Loomis Road

Farmington, NY 14425

Tel: 585-924-9333

Fax: 585-924-2016


To apply for a job with Gypsum Systems Interiors, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 585-924-9333

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